Research waves

Data collection started on January 1, 2018, with surveying the pregnant women in their 28-31st week of pregnancy. Within the framework of this project, this is followed by three more interviews, when the child is six-months, eighteen-months, and three years old. During the first three years, we also plan a supplementary study when the child starts nursery or kindergarten. According to HDRI’s long-term plans, we try to follow the children participating in the survey into their adulthood.

The gestational and six-month-old data collections are conducted by the local health visitors, while the data collections of subsequent waves are based on questionnaires administered by professional interviewers. Data collections are based on research questionnaires administered with the mother. Right from the start, these are amended by self-administered questionnaires, along with administrative data files subsequently connected to the research database (such as data from the birth notification system). The circle of respondents is extended to include the father, along with the mother, at the eighteen-month wave.

Participation in the research is voluntary and requires signing the informed consent. The participants receive detailed data protection and data management information.