Advisory bodies

A Body of Scientific Experts, an Ethics Committee, and a Body of Social Policy Experts assist in the professional and high-standard execution of Cohort ‘18, Growing Up in Hungary. Expert opinions and recommendations from these bodies are implemented in research methodology, the questionnaires, and data analysis.

Body of Scientific Experts

VASKOVICS, László Á., member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, professor, Bamberg University (president)
BUKODI, Erzsébet, associate professor, Nuffield College, University of Oxford
POHÁRNOK, Melinda, assistant professor, PTE BTK
RÓBERT, Péter, university professor, senior researcher, Széchenyi István University, TÁRKI
TAUSZ, Katalin, university professor, ELTE TÁTK
Dr. VELKEY, György, director general, Bethesda Children’s Hospital


Ethics Committee

DÁVID, Beáta, university professor, Semmelweis University
GÁRDOS, Éva, professional chief advisor, HCSO
TÓTH, Pál Péter, senior researcher, HCSO HDRI


Body of Social Policy Experts

Minister of State for Social Affairs and Inclusion, Ministry of Human Capacities - SPÉDER, Zsolt, director, HCSO HDRI (co-presidents)
Ministry of Human Capacities, State Secretariat for Social Affairs and Inclusion
Ministry of Human Capacities, Youth Policy Strategy and Coordination Department
Ministry of Human Capacities, Department of Family Affairs and Women’s Policy
Association of Hungarian Health Visitors
Hand in Hand Foundation
Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities Non-profit Ltd. (FSZK)
Down Foundation
Chances for Children Association