Data protection

Participation in the research is by all means voluntary. We wish to have the invited pregnant women become familiar with the process and data management principles of the research, and give them an information booklet, along with detailed data protection and data management information. Being aware of the presented information, we ask them, or their legal representative in case of minor pregnant women, to sign an informed consent form before the interview begins.

Research participants receive an individual identifier, which makes it possible to merge data collected at various times without the knowledge and use of personal data.

In addition, we ask them to provide personal data, for two purposes:

  1. these ensure smooth contacting in the future
  2. and enable us to ask for data stored in external administration systems (such as the birth notification system and the public education information system), with the aim to connect them with our research database.

The open used research database does NOT contain personal data, it is stored separately. This type of data is managed by the health visitors when it is recorded, and by the accredited staff of the HDRI, in accordance with the regulations of data protection and privacy rights.