What is the mental health of fathers like? Are they satisfied with their lives? How many close friends do they have? Preliminary results.

What difficulties did the families involved in the study face during the Coronavirus pandemic?

What do fathers think about fatherhood and gender roles? Preliminary results from the paternal study.

Have their job prospects changed, is it difficult to reconcile work and private life? Preliminary results.

Demographic characteristics of parents joining the Cohort ’18 study based on data from the first, expectant wave.

How much time do fathers spend with their 18-months-old children, and what do they do together? Preliminary results.

How healthy or unhealthy are mothers’ diets during pregnancy? Results from the first wave of Cohort '18.

How do parents divide household responsibilities? Preliminary results based on the first two waves of the study.

How many living grandparents do six-months-old children have and how often do they have contact with them?

Grandparents presence in households of cohort babies, based on data from the expecting mothers study wave.