Initial findings

How healthy or unhealthy are mothers’ diets during pregnancy? Results from the first wave of Cohort '18.

How do parents divide household responsibilities? Preliminary results based on the first two waves of the study.

How many living grandparents do six-months-old children have and how often do they have contact with them?

Grandparents presence in households of cohort babies, based on data from the expecting mothers study wave.

Nursing and child nourishment in light of the plans during pregnancy, when the child is six-months-old.

The daily life of mothers raising six-months-old children, according to the first 1500 questionnaires.

Preliminary results about pregnant women’s plans concerning childbirth and newborn care.

What is the percentage of Cohort '18 participants that plan to enroll their children in a day nursery?

What are the size and composition characteristics of the households of pregnant women?

Preliminary results about housing and life circumstances to be for the cohort babies from the first 5000 questionnaires.