We’re restarting!

As a result of the state emergency announced back in March, the Hungarian Demographic Research Institute has suspended the collection of data through its personal inquiries. Thus, the Cohort ‘18’s current survey of families raising 18-months-old children was also interrupted, around half-way through the research phase, that was initially scheduled to run between October 2019 and October 2020.

However, in the light of recent developments, we can provide the gratifying news that, with the end of the state emergency on June the 18th, the institute decided to continue the 18-months phase of the collection of personal data for the Cohort ’18 study. Naturally, we will continue to monitor and evaluate the virus situation and, responsibly, will continue to collect data among children who have recently reached or will soon reach the 18-months age, with the necessary precautions taken.

Meanwhile, time is running out quickly: many of the children in the research have now reached the age of two. On the occasion of their two-year birthdays, we send greetings to our study participants via musical birthday cards, so it is worth keeping an eye on the mailbox!