Three-year-old wave

With the easing of the pandemic situation and the introduction of more relaxed nationwide restrictions, the next phase of Cohort ’18 study began. The families participating in the study are approached by an employee of Inspira Kft. - first via phone, to make an appointment, and then in person - in or around the week of their child's three-year birthday. Every interviewing staff has a photo ID and a letter of intent accompanying them during their inquiry.

Yet again, this phase of the research covers a wide range of topics. We ask mothers, for example, about their own and their husband's / partner's employment, the division of labour between the two of them, and the daily life, development and health of their three-year-old child. Participating in the research takes about an hour; it consists of a personal conversation and the completion of a self-administered questionnaire, just like in the case of the 18-month-old inquiry. Parents of those children are also contacted, who, due to the pandemic situation (or some other reason), could not participate in the previous wave of the study.

Prior to the child’s three-year birthday, parents are also contacted by mail, with a greeting postcard and a small gift sent to their child, as well as a short questionnaire. Completion of the sent questionnaire later helps the smoothness and efficiency of the personal inquiry.

We thank all our dear participants for their persistent contribution to the success of the study!